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Opaque Polymer for Partial Replacement of TiO2 CELOCOR

CELOCOR is a voided latex material that imparts hiding and functions as a partial replacement for titanium dioxide. Provides a cost effective way to improve hiding while reducing raw material costs. *All prices are stated in terms of packaging.


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CELOCOR opaque polymers are highly efficient, voided latex products that improve hiding and whiteness in paints and coatings, and function as a partial replacement for titanium dioxide (TiO2). With the introduction of CELOCOR AF opaque polymer you have even more choice, with a new product that offers important benefits.

  • No Ammonia - CELOCOR AF opaque polymer is ammonia-free, making it a perfect choice for low odor interior or exterior coatings.
  • Better Hiding - compared to our original CELOCOR opaque polymer, this new product offers up to 11% better hiding with excellent tint strength properties.
  • Excellent Efficiency
  • Wide Formulating Latitude - useable across a broad PVC range.
  • EnVia Certified - new  CELOCOR AF opaque polymer meets Arkema's internal standards for raw materials used in sustainable formulating 


  • No Alkyl phenol Ethoxylate (APE) surfactants
  • No formaldehyde donors or added formaldehyde
  • Improvements in dry hide and tint strength are recognized
  • Block resistance in high sheens
  • Good burnish, touch up and exterior durability