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Antiseptic Disinfectant K-CARE DODAC


Dioctyldimethylammonium chloride (DODAC) is an antiseptic/disinfectant that is used in many biocidal applications. It causes disruption of intermolecular interactions and dissociation of lipid bilayers. It is a broad spectrum bactericidal and fungicidal and can be used as disinfectant cleaner for linen, recommended for use in hospitals, hotels and industries.  
K-CARE DODAC  is cost effective and has excellent compatibility with all cooling water additives, thus eliminating the need to overfeed oxidizing biocides that can degrade expensive additives. It compliments both oxidizing and nonoxidizing biocide programs, including liquid stabilized bromine programs. The combination of cost performance and broad additive compatibility with low foam properties provides superior algaecidal and bactericidal performance in all approved applications. 



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Product Highlight:

  1. DODAC is a liquid disinfectant and has been used in human and instrument sensitization and industrial applications
  2. The active ingredient provides broad-spectrum activity against common bacteria, fungi, and algae.
  3. DODAC is approved for industrial and cosmetic applications.
  4. DODAC is light yellow liquid with perfume odor; easily soluble in water; good chemical stability; good resistance to heat and light.


  • Dish detergent: DioctylDimethylAmmonium Chloride is suds boosting, and solubilizing.
  • Emulsifier: Used for cosmetics and shampoo
  • Can be used as sterilizer, antistatic and antiseptic agent and so on.


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