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Join Us to help Donate a Lumenizer Today!

Interested in earning a revenue while doing CSR? Join us to become a reseller of the Lumenizer 300 Today!

Maha Chemicals is committed to promoting sustainable and innovative solutions to solve real-world problems and with the current situation of Covid-19, we would like to reach out to potential resellers to sell the Lumenizer 300 with us and spread awareness to help keep our places safe and clean!

Is Kojic Acid Safe for Your Skin?

One of the most popular whitening active in the Philippines is kojic acid. Because of its fast result, people tend to buy more of this product. But is it healthy and safe for our skin? Are we using the right product for our skin?

Effect of Covid-19 on Philippines' Paint, Construction and Ink Industry
The lockdown affects all manufacturing activities excluding essential businesses such as food and pharmaceutical. Other industries such as paint, inks, adhesives and construction are considered non-essential and are not operational.
Local Trend: Water Emulsified Alkyd as Low VOC, Low Cost Paint

Paint is everywhere. Some agencies like DENR and FDA are regulating the volatile organic compounds (VOC) found in paints to ensure it is safe to use around people. Why is Water Emulsified Alkyd is gaining trend in the market? 

The Future of Work is Changing

How will our job change in the future? Some changes may be temporary until a vaccine is developed, while some changes may be permanent. Here are some ways that our job may change due to COVID-19.

Brighter and Clearer Skin Just for You

Want to achieve whiter, brighter and clearer skin? Introducing a new innovation in the market - Melazero: A natural patented whitening active, a complete solution that erases and inhibits the formation of melanin without a cytotoxicity and skin irritation.