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15 Channels Microfluidic Constant Pressure Pump


WH-PMPP-15 type constant pressure pump is a self-developed 15-channel flow control system developed by Wenhao Co.,LTD. The system mainly consists of 15 positive pressure control channel switches. The system is programmable, has high precision, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, etc. It is widely used in long-term controlled gas, liquid delivery field, suitable for microfluidic chip injection, chemical reaction injection, and prolonged drug injection Other fields. Instrument equipped with large touch screen, the operation is more simple and convenient. At the same time with the shares of independent research and development of Wenchuan computer control software, but also through the computer control equipment.

WH-PMPP-15 constant pressure pump is mainly used for pressure control valve on the gas pressure control, can independently control the 15-channel switch and internal gas pressure, and gas pressure control fluid flow or flow rate.


Dimensions: 350 × 300 × 110mm;

Weight: 3kg;

Display: 7-inch touch screen;

Number of channels: 15 positive pressure channels;

Channel control points: 12;

Control mode: the opening and closing time of each channel can be controlled separately;

Cycle times: 0 ~ 65535 times;

Duration of the range: 0.0 ~ 6553.5s;

Pressure range: 0 ~ 0.7Mpa;

Pressure accuracy: 0.001Mpa;

Dual pressure display table, dual pressure regulator. (Left pressure display and pressure regulator control display on the left of the 10-channel positive pressure, the right pressure display and pressure regulator valve control display right channel 5 positive pressure);

Key life: one million times or so;

Power: DC24V DC;

Temperature range: 5 ~ 50 ℃;

Humidity range: 20 ~ 80%;

Computer configuration: software operating platform Win7 operating system.