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4 Channel Continuous Injection Perfusion System


The continuous injection perfusion system (WH-CPS-04) is a high-precision fluid control equipment independently developed by Wenhao Co., Ltd. This system has the characteristics of precision, stability, and strong anti-interference ability and can be widely used in related fields such as microfluidic drive control.
The device contains four sets of propulsion modules. The switching valve of each set only needs to be connected with a simple pipeline to achieve two continuous channels for uninterrupted liquid injection, and each set of propulsion modules can inject or draw liquid at different speeds. It is easy to use and simple to operate. The parameter setting, modification, and view of fluid control can be completed in the main interface of starting up. During the parameter input process, the model and inner diameter of the syringe can be selected directly from the list or manually input, and then input other parameters ( Flow rate, flow rate, time, infusion type, etc.). The task can be paused at any time during the work, and various parameters can be reset and executed immediately.


Channel settings
Each channel can be set separately and can also be operated in a unified manner such as “fast forward,” “fast rewind,” “start,” “pause,” and so on.
Determination of Syringe Type
Each channel can be placed with different brands and specifications of syringes (the head 1/4-28UNF outer teeth, the tail M3 inner teeth).
(1) Search from the list
There is a list of standard syringes in the manufacturer’s brand. After the syringe model is selected, the program automatically loads the corresponding inner diameter value.
(2) Custom input
If there is no syringe used by the user in the syringe program list, you can directly enter the type and inner diameter of the syringe. The device can store multiple sets of user-defined syringe inner diameter values.
Target parameter input
Target parameters include liquid volume, flow rate, and time. Choose to input any two parameters, and the other parameter will be obtained directly by the system.

Working mode: liquid suction, liquid injection, first injection and then suction, first suction, and then injection, continuous mode
Number of channels: 4
Maximum stroke of the syringe: 60mm
Syringe specifications: 1mL-10 mL
Travel resolution: 0.078um
Injection volume per microstep: 0.428 uL (10 mL syringe)
Linear speed range: 4.68um/min-133mm/min
Maximum linear thrust: 20kgf
Control accuracy: ≤±0.5% (when stroke ≥ 30% of maximum stroke)
Setting method: full touch screen setting
Display mode: 7-inch color LCD screen, the same screen displays multiple sets of channel-related parameters
Weight: 12kg
Working voltage: 220V/50HZ
Dimensions: 320 (L) × 273 (W) × 365 (H) mm
Working environment: temperature 0℃-40 ℃, relative humidity <80%