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4 Channel Syringe Pump System


The four-channel syringe pump (WH-SP-04) is a high-precision fluid control equipment independently developed by Wenhao Co., Ltd. The system has the characteristics of precision, stability, and strong anti-interference ability, and can be widely used in related fields such as microfluidic drive control.

The device is a syringe pump that combines liquid injection and liquid absorption. It is easy to use and easy to operate. The parameter setting, modification and view of fluid control can be completed in the main interface of starting up. The syringe can be directly selected from the list during parameter input You can also manually enter the model and inner diameter, and then enter other parameters (flow rate, flow rate, time, infusion type, etc.). The task can be paused at any time during the work process, and various parameters can be reset and executed immediately.

Working mode: liquid injection, liquid suction, first injection and then suction, first suction and then injection;
Number of channels: 4;
Maximum stroke: 130 mm;
Syringe specifications: 10 uL-30 mL;
Travel resolution: 0.078 um;
Injection volume per microstep: 0.428 uL (4 10 mL syringes);
Linear speed range: 4.68 um/min-133 mm/min;
Maximum linear thrust: 35 kgf;
Control accuracy: ≤±0.5% (when stroke ≥ 30% of maximum stroke);
Setting method: full touch screen setting;
Control method: touch screen, USB (RS485);
Display mode: 5-inch color LCD screen, resolution 854*480, multiple parameters displayed on the same screen, and running status displayed by animation;
Weight: 4-4.5 kg;
Working voltage: DC 24V;
Dimensions: 300×250×165 mm;
Working environment: temperature 0℃-40 ℃, relative humidity <80%.