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C9 Petroleum Resin PETROLEUM E-1209

PETROLEUM E-1209 is a C9 petroleum resin with high softening point and good compatibility with long oil alkyd resin. Application includes enamel paints, varnishes and adhesives. *All prices are stated in terms of packaging.


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PETROLENE™ E-1209 is a pale yellow modified aromatic resin that is produced through a unique continuous process. It is obtained from polymerizing unsaturated aromatic olefins and diolefins derived from the process of thermal cracking of naphtha. High soften point good compatibility with long oil alkyd resin can be used for enamel paint. It is also good compatibilitywith different polymers and resins.

Application: Enamel Paint, Varnish Paint, adhesive/Solvent adhesive, and Shoes.